“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven” ~Ecclesiastes


The sacred science of astrology is the language our Creator uses to help guide us toward the divine. Our soul journey is to know and express our true self. We have free will. An astrological natal horoscope is a blueprint and a map which shows our tendencies, talents and challenges. Planets indicate, but do not make things happen, we do. With foresight, wisdom, willpower and by the grace of God and strength of our Spirit, we can direct our lives and manifest our divine destiny.

Our lives, our relationships, children, and animals can be better understood with the aid of astrology. This is our Creator’s divine expression and gift to us, ever loving us and shining Light on our path.

“We are stardust, we are golden and we have got to get back to the garden”        ~Joni Mitchell

The Astro-Oracle Deck shares the science and color frequency of astrology, and assists one in opening to an intuitive and spiritual dimension that is often missed in astrology.

The Astro-Oracle deck is available to purchase now.  The cards display the color frequency of the signs, the constellation patterns and the 12 houses of the zodiac. The planet cards are  NASA photos of the planets, which brings through the planets, energy, color and vibration. Below is a sample from one of the pages from the Astro-Oracle booklet for the sign of Gemini and pictures of four of the planet cards.

Elizabeth has been using the Astro-Oracle cards in her readings since creating them ten years ago in conjunction with her horoscope interpretation and yearly transit report. She believes the Astro-Oracle deck will be a great addition to other astrologers in their practice and as a wonderful teaching tool. For the student of astrology, the Astro-Oracle deck will be an enjoyable way to learn astrology. Everyone will enjoy using these unique, new and colorful astrological divination cards.

astro-oracle deck


The planet cards in the Astro Oracle deck are NASA photos.

Here are four planet cards from the deck.4planetcards