astro-oracle deck

The Astro-Oracle deck shares the science and color frequency of astrology and assists one in opening to an intuitive and spiritual dimension that is often missed in astrology.

Elizabeth HeartStar is a visionary and clairvoyant astrologer. Colors, images and symbols “speak to her”. Since creating her Astro-Oracle deck 10 years ago, she has been enjoying using the cards with her astrological consultations. For a complete reading a 13 card Zodiac layout is used.  The Zodiac layout consists of 12 cards placed  in each of the 12 house positions of the zodiac and the 13th significator card is then placed in the middle. This gives one a complete reading for every area of one’s life.

Professional Astrologers, beginners and anyone looking for a new oracle deck will enjoy using these colorful and unique set of 44 astrology cards. They include planet, zodiac house and astrological sign cards. The planet cards are NASA photos, which bring to life the energy of the planet. These are a great addition to any astrology practice.

The accompanying guidebook, Astrology: The Basics, is written by world renowned author and astrologer, Gloria Star and makes it easy to do accurate readings with the Astro-Oracle, and it is also a wonderful source of information for those who wish to learn astrology.

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Astro-Oracle Deck

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Astro-Oracle Deck

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The planet cards in the Astro Oracle deck are NASA photos.

Here are four planet cards from the deck.4planetcards