Soul Star Astrology Readings

Your recorded session includes:

Clairvoyant & Astro-Oracle Reading

Receive Messages, Answers, Inspiration & Guidance

Astrology Chart Interpretion

Understand Your Life Path, Purpose & Patterns

One Year Planetary Transit Forecast

Make wise use of the year ahead

Prior to your session, Elizabeth takes an hour to calculate, and then meditate with your horoscope. She then uses the actual process of coloring in the planetary aspects in your horoscope. Your life path and soul mission begin to be revealed through the geometric patterns that emerge from your natal chart. The same process is used with your yearly planetary transits, and the dates of activation. She is then able to best serve you in making the wisest use of the year ahead.

*Specify, Skype, Telephone or In-person sessions in Sedona, AZ*

The Astrology readings, all include a clairvoyant reading, your natal horoscope and one year transit report, and a 13 card Zodiac Astro-Oracle reading. Your reading is recorded and the MP3 is then emailed to you.

$222 for 75 minutes

$99 for 30 minutes

For sliding scale and payment plan options please email Elizabeth.

Other Readings:

“Ask the Astro-Oracle” Clairvoyant Reading: Elizabeth uses her gift of clairvoyance bringing through messages, answers, insight and inspiration and includes a 13 card zodiac Astro-Oracle card reading.

$99 for 45 minutes $33 for 15 minutes

Astro-Relationship Reading: Whatever the relationship; lover, family, friend or business partner, the Astro-Relationship reading will help you understand one another and how you can best serve one another in your partnership. First a 60 minute horoscope and transit readings is done for each person. I then calculate both the Synastry and Composite horoscopes. The Composite horoscope is generated by using both peoples birth data and creating one horoscope, which brings to light the dynamic expression the two of you create together. The Synastry chart is created by using your two individual horoscopes and also looking at the current planetary cycles you are experiencing. Then you are able to understand each of your individual, unique expressions and the complimentary aspects you share, as well as, the differences and challenges that may arise in your relationship. In this way you can better understand and support one another.

To bring further insight into your relationship, I use my clairvoyant ability and include a Astro-Oracle zodiac card reading in your session.

The actual time involved in this reading is over 3 hours and is very thorough; first the two individual horoscopes and their current planetary transits are interpreted and then the Composite and Synastry horoscopes, followed by a clairvoyant Astro-Oracle card reading.
$333 for 3 hours

Children’s Horoscope: Understand your child’s temperament and unique qualities to help guide and encourage them in being creative, happy and successful. A clairvoyant Astro-Oracle card reading is included with this reading.
$111 for 60 minutes

Astro-Location Reading : The Astrocartography chart is used along with the natal horoscope and current transits. The Astrocartography chart is a map of the world and shows where you have specific planetary lines that go through various locations that will emphasize and enhance different aspects of your life, spiritual or material. A clairvoyant Astro-Oracle zodiac card reading is included with this reading.

$177 for 60 minutes

Solar Return and One Year Transit Report: This reading is calculated on your birthday and brings further insight into the new year. A clairvoyant Astro-Oracle zodiac card reading is included with this reading.

$177 for 60 minutes