“My First Experience with an Ancient Crystal Skull”

Ancient Himalayan Crystal Skull

I have lived in the “new age” community of Sedona, Arizona since the spring of 1990. Of course, I have heard about UFO’s, crystal skulls, ET’s, and probably meet some as well. There were channelings of everyone and everything under the sun.  I learned early on to have discernment and listen to my own inner guidance. When crystal skulls were first introduced to me in Sedona, I remember thinking, “now, what is going on in the “new age” community and is this – a strange new cult movement or something?”

Spirit then, guided me to England in 1993. After a life-altering few days in Glastonbury, I returned to London to visit my cousin, Carol and family before returning home.  Carol decided to take me to an exhibit at the Museum of Mankind, however, when we arrived at the museum, the exhibit she had wanted me to see was no longer on display. Still, we decided to go into the museum to look around.

As I am writing this, and whenever I have shared this experience, I relive this feeling, where the steps leading up to the second floor of the museum, become steps up to an ancient Mayan step pyramid. When I entered the room at the top of the stairs, unbeknownst to me, there in front of me, at eye level was the ancient “British Skull.” (The British Skull is now housed respectfully in the British Museum.) It was large and illuminated. I was transfixed for what appeared to be a long time. I didn’t realize till months later that information and/or activation was being downloaded into me.  As I left the museum, I felt the skull calling me back up the stairs to see him/her one more time, to take a picture. When the picture was developed one could see the light brilliance coming from the British crystal skull. Still after this experience I was not really interested in other crystal skulls nor to experience the many crystal skulls that came to Sedona.

How I became the caretaker of HeartStar, an ancient crystal skull.

It was 12 years after my first experience with the ancient “British skull” that crystal skulls came into my life again.  I had opened a crystal shop in Oct. 2004, called Stone Age Sedona, with my friend and owner, Lui Kreig, creator and owner of the original and well-known Glastonbury, England shop, Stone Age. A few days after new years of 2005, I was ready to close the shop for the day, when a beautiful family came into the shop. The two young girls, Ellie and Dove Cross were enchanted by the faeries in our faerie room and did not want to leave. Their mother, Dawn, purchased 2 small faeries for the girls, as this seemed to be the only way she could get them to leave the magical faerie realm.  In speaking to Dawn, I found out that they had just arrived in Sedona on their way to Quartzsite for the gem & crystal show. They had driven all the way from their home in Alberta, Canada.


Thelma Moeran at the 2006 Holland Crystal Skull Festival with Jeff Krause and his ancient Himalayan crystal skull- Golden Sister of the Moon.

They did not know where they were going to stay for the few days they planned to spend in Sedona. I felt guided to invite them to stay with me. We shared a meal and I got them all situated with their beds. Before saying goodnight, Dawn brought out a small crystal skull she called, Star. She said she would put it in my bedroom, as it had a peaceful and healing energy that I would enjoy. I awoke at about 2 am and felt an incredible energy and light in my room. I remembered that Star, the crystal skull was in my room. I reached over and held Star and felt the most amazing vibration I had ever felt in my life. It is difficult to describe the experience; it was as though I was connected to Source, to all that is. My body, heart, mind and spirit in the stillness, the oneness, the peace that passeth all understanding. I felt a strong link to memories of Atlantis, and felt that the crystal skull was connected to that time and to the Sirian star system.  “The Star Family”, I began to call them, stayed with me for 4 nights and Star was in my bedroom the entire time. It was on the second night that I again awoke about 3 am with the same incredible energy and feeling; I wanted to share this with someone, so I decided to phone England, where I knew it was daylight. I spoke to my dear friend, Thelma Moeran. Thelma has been a Christian mystic, healer and medium for most of her life. She has a gift of psychometry, especially receiving messages, usually as poetry, from crystals and other objects. I told Thelma about Star, the crystal skull that I was holding. She immediately could feel the vibration from me through the phone lines. This had been the first time she had this experience without holding the object. She told me to get a piece of paper as it had a message. I got a piece of paper and this is what Star had to say on January 4, 2005:

I am old and so are you!
Mystic waves now bind us.
Mysteries beyond our grasp
Strengthen and divide us.
The gold that comes from heaven above
Envelopes you and me
Oh wondrous joy that fills the air
Will keep you close to me
In the name of Christ, amen


HeartStar photo by Nancy Bartell

When Dawn, Marcell and “The Star Family” were ready to leave, I asked Dawn how she came upon this very special crystal skull. She told me of a man from China, who has been a collector of ancient relics  for many years was receiving psychic messages, guiding him to a place  in the Tibetan  Himalayan mountains to uncover something. The guidance was so strong, that he left his job to follow this calling.  It took him over 2 years to complete this difficult task and by 2002 he had unearthed 24 crystal skulls, 16 large human size and 8 small crystal skulls. He also uncovered 3 large disks resembling our CD’s, the disks had etchings on them and they are made of cobalt and other metallic substances. Hundreds of these disks were discovered in 1939 and in the late 60’s a professor decoded some of them, the information from the disks that were decoded, spoke of an ancient extra terrestrial group named the Dropa, whose spaceship had crashed and they were unable to repair it or leave earth. They were thought to be at least 13,000 years old. The Dropa left these disks behind to record their story. I believe that is how he knew the approximate location of these ancient relics he was guided to find.

He was not sure what to do with the discovery, as he knew they had a special mission, nothing like other ancient relics he had found in the past. Dawn told me of a woman named Linda ”Allayah” Frisch, of sanctuaryoftheancients.com, she waa asked to help find caretakers for some of the Himalayan crystal skulls that were unearthed. He knew these were only to go to the people that knew they were to be caretakers of these ancient ones. They are known as “the Himalayan crystal skulls.” I asked Dawn to put me in contact with Linda to find out if she had any of the crystal skulls still needing a caretaker. Linda sent me a picture of the few crystal skulls she still had with her. I knew instantly, when I saw the picture which one was mine. I immediately made arrangements to receive him/her.


Ascended Master
The Tibetan Djwhal Kuhl

The Tibetan & Himalayan masters connection to the crystal skulls

As I knew that this was going to be a major shift in my life path, I phoned David Miller in Prescott, AZ. who is a channel for the Arcturian and other light beings. I truly respect David’s channeling abilities.  I set up an appointment to have a session with him, as I felt he could tune into the Himalayan crystal skulls and share the message with me. In the channeling, the first thing David said was that this crystal skull had found me again. It came to activate ancient memory.

The crystal skull was to remind and activate in all, receptivity and faith in the universe and to open me to my latent gifts. He said more activation and teachings would come through, especially crystal healing methods.  I asked how old they were, and he said, the Himalayan crystal skulls have been in existence for over 10,000 years and have been imprinted by the Tibetan/ Himalayan masters for the evolution of consciousness. When I asked if they had names, he responded by saying, they had many unusual and exotic names connected to them that would not be familiar or necessary to know. He said, however, you may be familiar with the one known as, the Tibetan, Djwhal Kuhl. David did not know at the time, but I have felt a great resonance with the ascended master, the Tibetan, Djwhal Kuhl since the early 70’s. The codes of knowledge in the past, he said, were meant to be kept in this area of Tibet, however the ascended masters have now allowed this energy of Shamballa to be brought out as there is currently a 5th dimensional portal opening. This crystal skull is a transmitter and channel of this energy of Himalayan origin which is bringing the light of the Shamballa energy to earth and assisting in the opening of a Sedona – Shamballa Glastonbury grid that I, along with others, have been working with since 1993. This is where healings can take place, for one of the functions and energies brought through Shamballa, is that of spiritual healing for our earth and humanity.

On January 14, 2005, HeartStar, whose name and vibration “came to me” the day I saw the picture & knew I was the caretaker of this ancient one, arrived.  Thelma Moeran, arrived from Glastonbury to Sedona a few days after that.  On the full moon of January 25, 2005 this was the message/poem that channeled through Thelma Moeran from HeartStar:

Where have you been
Away on a dream
Oh joy, oh heart of mine
The clouds of life
Drop sweet pure tears
And water shapes our lives.
The depth of love comes from above
Encircling you and me.
Fear not to go and fight the foe
He hung upon a tree.
Within the portals of my shell
Lie hidden rays to keep you well.
Princess of beauty, stay with me
You know where I ought to be.


heartstar23a_400_optHeartStar recharging in Sedona
Photo by Nancy Bartell

After HeartStar arrived, I had the good fortune of meeting 2 wonderful healers, Jaap Van Etten and his partner, Jeanne Michaels of lemurantis.com, they have over 100 crystal skulls made out of many different crystals and minerals. Jaap has been a crystal skull researcher for many years and met Dr. Frank Loo in 2003 when he brought a number of the Himalayan crystal skulls to Sedona. I was unaware that the Himalayan crystal skulls had been in Sedona.  Jaap and Jeanne have both felt a special connection, vibration, information and activation from HeartStar.  As an ancient skull, they feel HeartStar has been able to download and activate their many crystal skulls. Jaap and Jeanne guide a crystal skull meditation at there home weekly. This is where Thelma and I would experience and learn more about crystal skulls and their messages.  Thelma has lived in Glastonbury since 2000. She is a member of the Quest Community and is the guardian of the ancient Magdalene Chapel. After experiencing being with HeartStar and the other crystal skulls at Lemurantis, she was given the spiritual guidance that her next spiritual assignment was to receive and share the messages given to her by the crystal skulls. What a surprise this has been to Thelma, who just turned 83 years old. I am currently transcribing Thelma’s beautiful channelings and poetry. She hopes to publish a book soon, for her poetry and messages inspire and touch people on a deep soul level and in a very profound spiritual way.

HeartStar and I have grown together since January of 2005. I am often able to receive messages, instructions and information. I have found that other people have had similar experiences with HeartStar.

When HeartStar and I arrived in Glastonbury June 2006, a group of 12 magically formed within 2 weeks.  We meditated weekly with HeartStar, who was in the middle of our circle, and many amazing personal and planetary healings took place. The group is still meeting. At the end of February 2007, HeartStar returned to Sedona, Arizona. We will return to Glastonbury in May 2007 and stay throughout the summer and continue this exciting adventure.

HeartStar communicated to Dorothy of Ubria, Italy in a session on June1, 2007 in Glastonbury England this teaching on manifestation:

I am going to teach you about healing and creating on a molecular level. Using a transporter in which things, bodies, etc. are broken down into molecular parts. Beamed through space and brought back in wholeness.If you want to create heaven on earth, positive thinking is absolutely essential. It is with positive thoughts that we are able to manifest. We must be mindful of all thoughts.
When something is desired/needed instead of thinking I need/desire a Ford car, instead think of the molecular structure needed for transportation.
If it is health you desire, visualize the molecular structure of a healthy body or organ or whatever it is that needs healing.
If someone comes to you with a headache and you endeavor to help them, by focusing on the headache you get caught up in how, why, etc. Instead work on the molecular level, a healthy holographic healing taking place.
Imagine it like a jigsaw that is not fitting correctly, we need to take it apart. Break things down to the molecularly and then it will be ready to put back together so it fits, works and is whole.
Then Dorothy asked, “What is darshan?”
HeartStar replied:
Darshan is the light energy vibration that saints and enlightened beings give to others. She asked this because HeartStar was explaining this is the energy that is coming into her now. It is a strong light that are like beams from her eyes. To give pure light energy without intent, just pure light energy.
About time:
Time at a molecular level does not exist. So you can speed time up or slow it down. This gives the ability to manifest embodiment.

The morning of the total lunar eclipse in Virgo-Pisces, March 3, 2007 I received the message from my guides through HeartStar, that it was time for HeartStar and me to “come out”. Also I was to change my last name to HeartStar. I was to do this to be a reminder to others and myself, that “we are truly from the stars and that we must live in our hearts now”. My personality did not want to do this, however, my soul, knowing that this is an important statement to make, knew that these ancient crystal skulls and disks are connected to the ascended masters of Shamballa.

When spirit guides ask one to do something for the greater divine purpose and plan, it is important to let go of the little ego voice. Be receptive and accept. So, HeartStar, who I thought was going to be my personal treasured and secret, crystal skull, wants to have a webpage with his/her picture. HeartStar’s wish is to assist those feeling connected to her/him, and to transmit the vibration, activation and healing energy of Shamballa in service to the divine purpose and plan and the ascension of earth and humanity through the power of love.




A p o l l o 7           and         H e a r t S t a r

at the Crystal Skull Festival
Holland 2006


The 2002 Chilbolton Crop Circle
ET Face and Disk Message
Appeared in wheat on August 15, 2002
Crabwood, Hampshire UK

The crop circle disk had a binary code message, the message was decoded exactly as it appears here:

Beware of the bearers of
FALSE gifts and their
Much PAIN but still Time.
There is GOOD out there.
conduit CLOSING

In the same year 2002, in the Tibetan Himalayas 24 Ancient Crystal Skulls – 16 human size and 8 small Crystal Skulls and 3 large Disks were found. The disks look like CD’s and were said to be made of cobalt  and other metallic substances and look similar to the crop circle disk of 2002 with etchings much like the binary code.These Himalayan crystal skulls were found buried in caves. I believe these to be  from the time of Atlantis & connected to the Blue-White Star Sirius and other Star systems.

The crop circle disk decoded above and the crop circle ET face of 2002 I believe to be connected to the Himalayan Crystal Skulls and disks. I believe this is confirmation and one of the signs of our time, that other extra-terrestial beings are trying to communicate with us and hope to assist us at this most critical time of our Earths’ evolution. The message to humanity is that if we don’t Wake Up, live with respect and integrity, love and unity, our beautiful Earth & humanity may be annihalated as it was in Atlantean times.